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Code4Lib 2009: Lightning Talks, Day Two

Topics code4lib, 2009

1. Build A Connector Online Now : the Connector Framework Firefox extension / Mike Taylor (IndexData)
2. Code4Lib Annual Award for Some Sort of Good Software (that should probably be open source) / Eric Lease Morgan
3. WordPress Extensions for Research Guides/Blogs / Katherine Lynch (Drexel University Libraries)
4. Flash (SSDs are gonna save everyone of us) / Toke Eskildsen
5. AutoIt for fun and profit / Becky Yoose (Miami University...of Ohio)
6. (Reprise) Flash (SSDs are gonna save everyone of us) / Toke Eskildsen
7. Deliver you EAD รข maybe without XSLT, or XML, or ...? : A work in progress / Terry Catapano & Joanna DiPasquale
8. Data farmimg / Ray Schwartz (William Harrison University)
9. Heckle me / Chick Markley (Emory University)
10. Hathi Trust and Terrabyte Scale Solr / Tom Burton-West
11. Hacking Hathi / Roy Tennant
12. ALIAS / Mark Sullivan (SUNY Geneseo)
13. Visualizing Usage Data / Jason Casden (NCSU)
14. DLF ILS-BDI API (etc) / Emily Lynema (NCSU)
15. More Summon / John Law (Serials Solutions)
16. SALT Project / Chris Fitzpatrick (Stanford University)



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